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20mph Speed Limits Come to Hayes

The Council is set to introduce 20mph speed limits and other road safety measures around three Hayes schools. Baston Road and West Common Road will be subject to the new limits, which are focused on the roads closest to Hayes Secondary and Baston House Schools.

The Environment and Community Services Policy Development and Scrutiny Committee has recommended that the scheme go forward and the cabinet member responsible is expected to give it the green light in the next few days.

A related but separate proposal for a ‘School Street’ has been drawn up for George Lane, between Hayes Wood Avenue and Hayes Primary School. The scheme will go out for consultation before any final decision is made on whether to proceed with the tentative plans, which will see that part of George Lane closed to non-residents vehicles during school drop-off and pick-up times.

The 20mph limit, which legally can only be advisory, will nevertheless feature permanent signs as well as being accompanied by an additional crossing point on Baston Road and improvements to existing crossing including larger traffic islands. The signs will be reinforced by flashing lights at school drop-off and pick-up times indicating when the limits are in force, though experience elsewhere has shown that the limits are effective in slowing down traffic throughout the day.

Your ward councillors are keen that the scheme should be just the next step in a series of measures around the ward aimed at improving road safety and tackling acute parking and other traffic issues.

Hayes Primary School planning ahead

Hayes Primary School's summer fair
Hayes Primary School’s summer fair

Last week Graham and Neil, together with other colleagues, visited Hayes Primary School in George Lane. This popular school, firmly rooted in the local community in Hayes, has established a good reputation among parents and has many keen parent volunteers. It also has a higher than average number of male teachers, though they are still in the minority.

The school will shortly be submitting a planning application for new classrooms to improve the teaching spaces and enable some internal reorganisation – however, residents of George Lane will be relieved that the school has no plans to expand the number of pupils. Graham and Neil were pleased to hear that the school will be keeping neighbours informed of their plans.