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Another Month, Another Stuck HGV

Yesterday a large articulated lorry became stuck in Gates Green Road, and for most of the day, outside Wickham Common School. The driver seems to have realised too late that he was never going to fit down a country lane.

This isn’t the first time this has happened in the Wickham Common area. Previously a street tree was severely damaged by a lorry leading to the Council’s legal team pursuing the company responsible. Also, Layhams Road and North Pole Lane have  suffered from errant HGVs; a problem that appears to have been on the increase, partly because some haulage firms try to cut costs by using satellite navigation maps designed only for smaller vehicles.

The Council has previously worked with mapmakers to ensure that roads unsuitable for HGVs are marked as such in satnav data, but clearly more needs to be done. We are now taking the issue up with the Council’s highways officers, including improving the signage at vulnerable junctions such as Gates Green Road/Croydon Road, Kingsway and others.

Articulated lorry stuck in Gates Green Road 22/3/18 (Credit: Sam Wheatcroft, WCRA)

A232 Crossing – Success At Last!

After many years of lobbying by residents and your local councillors, we can now confirm that work to install the new crossing on the Croydon Road, near the top of Hartfield Crescent, will commence on 6th November.

Transport for London (TfL) are also taking the opportunity to resurface the stretch of Croydon Road between Prestons Road and Baston Manor Road, so there will be short-term disruption.

The top of Hartfield Crescent will be closed from 6th November until 22nd December. Parts of Croydon Road itself will be closed during that period between the rush hours (9:30am to 3:30pm Monday to Saturday) and also between 8pm and 5am every night from 13th November to 4th December.

While this will cause inconvenience it will be worth the wait for residents and their children who will now be able to cross this major road in safety.

A232/Hartfield Crescent Crossing – TFL Consults

A232 Croydon RoadAnother step has been taken in the long running effort to get a pededstrian crossing installed on the busy A232 Croydon Road, near the junction with Harttfield Crescent.

Having received the blessing of the City of London (custodians of West Wickham Common) and Bromley Council, Transport for London (TfL) is formally consulting residents on the proposal.

You can add your voice of support here. The consultation closes on Friday 28th August.

Gates Green Road Phone Mast Bid

Plans have been put forward to erect a mobile phone base station at the junction of Gates Green Road and Kingsway. The site – the small triangle of green where the two roads meet – has been selected by contractors working for Vodafone, and seeks to upgrade coverage in the area to the modern 4G standard.
 20150604_134711 GGR_KWay 816x459
However, consultation has been poorly carried out so far, and test drilling has taken place in front of bemused residents – confusion added to by false claims the work was being done by the council.
Now a ‘planning application‘ (though technically a formal consultation) has been submitted and residents have until 18th June to make representations. We are certainly not opposed to an improvement in infrastructure in the ward; however, although the mast itself is in the style of a tall lamppost, the four accompanying equipment cabinets may well prove the unsightliest aspect. Apart from the significant ‘footprint’, the boxes will take up a prominent place in the street scene, with little in the proposals to address this.
UPDATE 24/6: The application has been refused by the council.

A232 Crossing: Focus Moves to the Guildhall

Following a number of meetings with your local councillors and residents in the West Wickham Common area, Transport for London (TfL) have prepared a number of options for providing a pedestrian crossing near the junction of Hartfield Crescent and the A232 Croydon Road.

There are two options favoured by TfL, both include the widening the top of Hartfield Crescent where it crosses the Common, both for highway safety reasons and to provide a formal pedestrian footway up to the Croydon Road and along the opposite side of that main road.

However, these options involve some degree of ‘land take’ from the Common, which is the responsibility of the City of London. At the City’s West Wickham Commons Consultative Committee in January, Cllr. Neil Reddin and representatives from the West Wickham Common Residents Association saw the plans and made various comments, all generally in favour of at least one or more of the options.

A decision to agree, or otherwise, the loss of common land must now be made by the City of London’s Epping Forest and Commons Committee on the 9th March. One point that was made at the consultative committee was that there have been other (rare) examples of such land take being permitted in the interests of road safety on other areas under the ownership of the City.

A232 Croydon Road nr Hartfield Crescent

Wickham Common – A Good Result in ‘Tree vs. HGV’

NoHGVsignResidents angered by the destruction of a street tree in Wickham Common will be pleased following the successful pursuit of the company responsible for damages.

The tree, near the junction of Harvest Bank Road and Hartfield Road was destroyed by a lorry attempting to turn round, after the driver had realised too late that he was on roads unsuitable for HGVs.

After a considerable amount of work by council officers, with help from members of Wickham Common Residents Association and your local councillors, the company responsible has paid damages of £1,300 to the Council. The planting of a replacement tree is planned to take place shortly.

A232 Crossing – TfL Surveys Imminent

We have received some good news regarding the long campaign to improve safety for those crossing the A232 Croydon Road near Hartfield Crescent. TfL, as promised earlier this year, are about to begin traffic studies of this stretch of road with a view, hopefully, to bring forward some viable engineering solution(s). We and the Wickham Common Residents Association will continue to keep a close eye on matters.

A232/Hartfield Crescent Update – The Wheels Start To Turn Again

A meeting was held this morning between your local councillors, representatives from the Wickham Common Residents’ Association, Transport for London, Bromley Council and the Corporation of London. This was a follow-up to a previous meeting a few weeks ago, but which hadn’t witnessed people crossing at the peak of the rush hour.

The promising news is that TfL have agreed to move forward with fresh traffic and pedestrian usage surveys; these will be the precursor to producing new engineering solutions to the problems of crossing this busy stretch of road.


Croydon Road / Hartfield Crescent Accident Blackspot

The A232 near Hartfield Crescent

The stretch of the A232 across Hayes and West Wickham Commons has been the focus of road safety concerns for many years. Following an accident last Spring near Hartfield Crescent, your ward councillors, together with the Wickham Common Residents’  Association, are looking again at what measures can be taken here.

With so many interested parties – including Transport for London and the Corporation of London – an answer that satisfies all will not be easy. However we hope to bring together the various bodies responsible in order to find a solution, which may involve new signage, revised speed limits or road surface changes.

(Unfortunately modern highway design regulations prevent a crossing being installed directly adjacent to the top of Hartfield Crescent, so other measures must be considered.)

Wickham Common Parking News

Typical school zig-zag markingsAfter nearly a year of work by your local councillors, public consultation is expected to begin shortly on proposed new parking restrictions in the vicinity of Wickham Common Primary School, including the junction of Gates Green Road and Hartfield Crescent.

The proposals will include ‘zig-zag’ markings around the corners of the junction and part-time parking restrictions along sections of Gates Green Road to allow traffic to pass, hopefully tackling the ‘gridlock’ that currently occurs during school opening an closing times.

Draft plans were made available by your local councillors at the Wickham Common Residents Association AGM where initial comments were made and will be passed to the highway engineers.

If the consultation results are favourable then work is planned to be completed in time for the start of the Autumn term.