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Update: Travellers on Coney Hall Recreation Ground

(Photo: Ward Security)
(Photo: Ward Security)

Travellers have turned up in Coney Hall Recreation Ground. They appeared last night and seem to have gained access via Layhams Road, where some wooden posts along the edge of the park had been mysteriously removed prior to their arrival. It now appears unlikely that these were the same travellers that had been evicted from the car park at West Wickham station.

A notice has been served for the travellers to leave by 8:30 pm tonight. Police and council security personnel will, as usual, be in attendance.

Travellers_CHRec_20140929_141300 sml
The travellers on Monday afternoon



UPDATE 30/9/14 11:45am: All the travellers have been moved on. Council officers report that although there has been some minor ‘littering’, there is no fly-tipping to deal with and therefore the site will return to normal use very quickly.  The Ward Security team and colleagues are in the process of monitoring the travellers as they leave the Borough and are also at other local parks etc to deter any further incursions locally.

Hayes & Coney Hall Police Community Advisory Panel

The Community Advisory Panel (that’s the Safer Neighbourhood Panel in old money) met last night and has set three ward priorities for the police team:

1) Use of nitrous oxide – 37 mini canisters have been collected in Huseywell. Hayes School has sent a letter home to parents advising of what is a serious problem.

2) Use of mobile ‘phones whilst driving – this seems to be a particular problem near schools.

3) Parking on bends and in motorcycle bays.

In addition to these, Bromley police across the borough have their priorities, including burglary and drug offences.

Hayes & Coney Hall Police Update 6/6/14

PCSO Michele Jacobs from the Hayes & Coney Hall police team has sent out this week’s update:

Just a reminder to not leave anything on view or any valuable items in your car.

Between 21.30 hours on Wednesday 28th and 0800 hours on Thursday 29th May a car window was smashed in road near to Fairacres, Hayesford Park Estate and a Sat Nav stolen. Anyone have information that could help with this investigation, please contact 101 quoting CR 3309363/14.

Also, if anyone walks their dogs or themselves in the High Elms area and you park in the car parks in this area. PLEASE do not leave anything in your car, do not even try and hide it under your seat. Criminals are working in this area. If

Hayes & Coney Hall Police Update 29/5/14

PCSO Michele Jacobs from the Hayes & Coney Hall police team has sent out this week’s update:

I am still working with Trading Standards so apologies for not being about on the beat as much I normally am but it has been interesting working with them and seeing the large scope of work that they deal with. We have managed to find several people that are falling victims to lottery scams and the like and hopefully we are getting through to these people and convincing them that they are all scams.

I just wanted to send you a reminder about locking uPVC doors as we had an attempted break in on 28th May between 11am and 1525pm at the end of Bourne Vale.(Fairacres/Hayesford park end)  Luckily they did not get in but the owner could see tools marks on the door. PLEASE remember to lock your doors by lifting the handle and USING THE KEY. This engages all of the locks.

Please report any suspicious activity to police by calling 101 or emailing me. Our team are on duty 2pm til midnight tonight and 9am -7pm on Friday and Saturday so please do not hesitate to also call our mobile 0208 649 3548.

Remember Hayes Fete on 7th June at Baston School.

Hayes & Coney Hall Police Update 3/4/14

PCSO Michele Jacobs from the Hayes & Coney Hall police team has sent out this week’s update:

I just want to remind you that the Easter holidays are approaching … two years ago we had two or three burglaries in the holidays, so please remember to inform your neighbours if you are going away, lock all doors and windows securely, hide valuables and report any suspicious behaviour to police on 101.

Large Traffic Mirror Stolen

Grove Close which leads into Warren Road, saw someone steal a large mirror which helps guides cars out of road. This occurred on 30th March. If you recall any vans/persons please call 101 quoting CR 3305587/14.


It has been brought to my attention from a couple of residents about scams that are rearing their heads again.

There is a very good website called which gives advice about all sorts of scams and also remember to look at which gives useful information.

(On this note, I will be away from my post for a couple of weeks. I have been asked to work alongside Trading Standards dealing with people that have been victim of scams. I will only have limited time to check emails so can you for the next two weeks please refrain from email (if possible) and call the team on 0208 649 3548 or dial 101.)

Best wishes for a peaceful Easter,


Wanted! Secretary…

Is anybody willing to become the unpaid secretary (the members are all volunteers and unpaid) of the Community Advisory Panel (formerly the Safer Neighbourhood panel)? Unfortunately Sheila has had to resign due to various commitments. The panel works with the Safer Neighbourhood police teams and other bodies. The role of the secretary is to take, produce and circulate the minutes of the panel meetings, held every 10 weeks: the agenda and sign in list for each meeting, and may, if willing, forward any emails from the new forum and Neighbourhood watch association.

The meetings take place every 10 weeks at Hayes Village Hall on a Wednesday at 7.30 pm. Anybody willing to help please contact Barbara Jarvis (chairperson) email or telephone 0208 462 7231.

Thank you,

Hayes & Coney Hall Police Update 21/3/14

PCSO Michele Jacobs from the Hayes & Coney Hall police team has sent out this week’s update:

Burglary at MUNRO LOCK, Station Approach again…..I am sad to say:

During the night of Sunday 16th, around 0038 hours, bricks were thrown through window and computers were attempted to be stolen but they did not succeed. A local resident saw the males drive off in a blue vehicle but was unable to get the registration number. CID are looking into this but if you recall any information that will be of further use please call 101 and quote CR 3304571/14. Many thanks


Please look out for a racing bike that was stolen at the weekend near St Johns Church, Coney Hall.


RED/WHITE in colour

WHITE saddle

One of the handlebar stops has been replaced and they are odd.

Good news:

Earlier on this month, there were two attempted burglaries and a burglary in Pickhurst Park (just off Barnhill Avenue).

I am pleased to say that due to work by CID and evidence gained through CCTV on one of the properties, it appears that they have caught the culprit and work is underway with the burglary squad to deal.


Two men have been arrested for Handling Stolen Goods as part of an investigation into stolen mobile phones.

On 4 March, a number of mobile phones were stolen from the belongings of schoolboys left in the changing rooms at St Olave’s School while a Rugby 7’s tournament was going taking place.

One of the victims managed to track his stolen phone to Rye Lane in Peckham, SE15 and another victim later went to that road and saw both his phone and those he recognised of other victims in the display cabinet of a shop.

At 16:20hrs on 13 March, officers from Bromley Police’s Youth Policing Team and the Mottingham Safer Neighbourhood Team executed a search warrant at a commercial premises in Rye Lane, Peckham.

A large quantity of mobile phones shown as blocked or stolen were recovered, including a number stolen from the school. Other phones recovered have now been linked to burglaries and robberies across London.

The investigation is ongoing. Two men, aged 40 and 18 remain in custody on suspicion of handling stolen goods.

Travellers Return Yet Again

The private road to St John’s Church and Wickham Court Prep. School, off Layhams Road in Coney Hall, has a number of times recently been the site of a temporary traveller encampment. Fortunately, they have been moved on quicker than on some previous occasions.

A height restriction at the entrance to the road, which should deter future tresspassing, has already received approval from the council, but the final installation was held up by legal procedures, which are now being resolved in the light of the latest problems. We will be keeping close watch on the issue to see that actino is taken as soon as possible, but as the land is privately owned the council has no power to intervene.

Travellers in Coney Hall

The wide open spaces of the Ward, and the not so wide open, continue to attract these itinerants, the most recent arrival being a return visit to the approach road leading to St John’s Church and Wickham Court, off Layhams Road.

Fortunately, they were soon removed and it is good to report that the RC Archbishopric of Southwark/former All Saints School is seeking planning permission for a barrier across the road.   It is sad that law-abiding people and bodies are forced to resort to taking such action.  Your Ward Councillors would like to see some changes in the law and are working with Bob Stewart MP on this very issue.