CAA Rejects R03 Runway Approach

Credit: campbell

Councillors Andrew Lee, Alexa Michael and Thomas Turrell have expressed their disappointment in the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) decision to reject Biggin Hill Airport’s proposals for an alternative runway approach  named R03 which would have reduced the number of aircraft flying over areas such as Keston Village and Coney Hall.

Biggin Hill Airport, Bromley Council, local campaign groups and Councillors supported the concept of using the R03 approach to the airport because it would have reduced noise and disturbance for local residents. However, the change would have impacted nearby Gatwick Airport negatively. The CAA has been investigating and consulting the changes and their impact. They published their findings in December 2022 which included the decision to reject the request.

Councillors Alexa Michael said:

“All three Ward Councillors are extremely disappointed with in this decision. We know that many residents of Keston Village will also be disappointed and frustrated, as the plans for the R03 runway approach would have dramatically decreased the number of planes flying over their homes. We will continue to work with Council officers, Flightpath Watch and the airport to find a solution to this long-running issue.”


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