Biggin Hill Airport Lease Change Rejected by Council

(Left) Councillors Michael and Turrell met with the Airport CEO earlier this year on a tour of the airport where they challenged him on the concerns of local residents. (Right) Councillors Lee and Turrell attended the meeting of the local campaign group, Flightpath Watch.

In November, Bromley Councils’ Executive vote to refuse an application from Biggin Hill Airport to amend the terms of their lease, and allow spare seats on planes to be sold. The plans cause anger in the local community and as a local Councillor I have received hundreds of emails from concerned residents.

The airport has been the council’s tenant since 1994 where a lease was agreed which set out who was permitted to use the airport. If the Airport wish to make changes to this they must make a request to the Council. The latest application form Biggin Hill Airport followed a previous application that was refused in May 2021. The latest application differed in the detail of the suggested altered wording.

However, the Executive took the decision that the changes would not be in the interest of the borough and refused the application. Biggin Hill Airport have indicated that they will challenge the decision in court. Your local Councillors; Andrew Lee, Alexa Michael and Thomas Turrell will keep residents updated on this.

You can read the Councils statement at


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