Challenging Thames   Water on Bursts Pipes  

Councillors Andrew Lee, Alexa Michael and Thomas Turrell have written to Thames Water to challenge the utility supplier on the number of burst pipes in the area, especially on Hayes Lane.  There have been two burst pipes in Hayes Lane since 2022.

Councillor Turrell has also submitted a Freedom of Information request to the organisation to find out the impact of these burst pipes on water waste and bills over the last few years.

The Councillors are acting after a burst on Hayes Lane in May which saw a driveway destroyed and some residents’ homes flooded. There was another, smaller water leak on 19th June, also in Hayes Lane.

Councillor Turrell said:

Firstly, thank you to the London Fire  Brigade for their swift action in May which helped reduce flooding following the burst. Councillor Lee and I called on residents in the area to check on and make sure no-one had lost power or water. Thankfully, disruption beyond the immediate area was minimal. However, local people did tell us that bursts on this road were frequent, so we are now trying to work with Thames Water to establish a plan on how future pipe bursts can be prevented”.

Read the teams full letter here:

Read Councillor Turrell’s Freedom of Information requests and responses at:

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