Councillors Act to Fix Broken Planter in Station Approach, Hayes  

A car accident earlier this year in Station Approach Hayes left one of the brick planters badly damaged. Your Councillors acted swiftly to make sure the Council removed the loose bricks and repaired the planter with new brickwork. All is now made good.

One thought on “Councillors Act to Fix Broken Planter in Station Approach, Hayes  ”

  1. Any chance you could focus on the speeding traffic, including at night. Notwithstanding the danger in the daytime, in summer we are constantly woken up through the night by cars revving their engines or with exploding exhausts. We can’t shut the windows as it’s too hot, and fans cost money and the environment. This is getting worse and worse to the point we are considering leaving the area. I look forward to it getting colder so I don’t have to listen to this.

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