Anti-Social Behaviour in Husseywell Park

Councillor Thomas Turrell has contacted the Hayes & Coney Hall Safer Neighbourhood Team to ask them to investigate reports of anti-social behaviour from some people in the park during the evenings.

The reported behaviour includes throwing items at the ducks and becoming confrontational and aggressive if challenged by other park users.

Councillor Turrell commented:

“I am really appalled by the reports of this behaviour and will be working the Safer Neighbourhood team to ensure this is stopped. We are fortunate to have such a fantastic range of local parks and opens spaces across Hayes, Keston Village and Coney Hall as this shouldn’t be spoilt. However, these aren’t just for us to enjoy and people need to respect the wildlife that we share these spaces with so I am deeply concerned by reports of items being thrown at the ducks, especially during this time of year”.

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