The New Conservative Team for Hayes, Coney Hall and Keston Village

The Conservatives in Hayes & Coney Hall have selected a new team to work for the ward after next May’s local elections.

Andrew Lee, Alexa Michael and Tom Turrell

After a combined 56 years’ service to the ward, Cllrs. Graham Arthur, Peter Fortune and Neil Reddin have announced that they will be standing down from the Council and so local Conservatives have selected Andrew Lee, Alexa Michael and Thomas Turrell to be the Party’s candidates at next May’s elections.

Following changes to the ward boundaries, Keston village will become part of Hayes & Coney Hall ward, while Hayesford Park to the north of the current ward is joining Bromley Town.

The new team will be working closely with Graham, Peter & Neil over the next few months to be brought up to speed on the many local issues and concerns of residents. Cllr. Alexa Michael will already be familiar to Keston village residents as she has represented them on the council for 27 years. All three are looking forward to introducing themselves to as many people as possible over the next eight months and beyond.

2 thoughts on “The New Conservative Team for Hayes, Coney Hall and Keston Village”

  1. Dear Andrew, Alexa and Tom,

    Many thanks for the update. Top of the agenda should be rush-hour congestion issues that residents face on a day to day basis. I’ve lived in the village for 15 years and these issues have always come up at KVRA meetings and generally with residents, but have never been tackled and dealt with by Councillors for the Keston Ward. I’m aware that Hayes Councillors are really proactive when dealing with similar issues in Hayes. For instance a new roundabout design at the top of Hayes High Street, and more recently new traffic restrictions that have been put in place at Hayes Primary School.

    Keston Village is desperate for two similar schemes to be put in place. i.e. a new roundabout design at the junction with the Fox Pub and the Greyhound, parking restrictions directly in front of the Greyhound (cones have been in place for some months, but a local resident complained about the cones and the landlord had to remove them). This has led to emergency vehicles being unable to gain access through Commonside.

    Most importantly, the congestion we all know about at Keston Primary school. This morning was a good example of parent’s playing the “how close can I park to the school” competition. There is plenty of parking in Commonside with a quick walk through the alleyway, plus there is an empty car park on Commonside. It would really like to see similar restrictions in place at Keston School that mirror the restrictions at Hayes Primary.

    I am sure you are also aware that traffic is an issue due to the design of the Keston Mark junction, which means drivers use Heathfield Road as a “rabbit run”; the only thing we’ve ever heard from Bromley LB is that “we can’t deal with this because it’s owned by TFL”. Traffic has also increased exponentially due to the expansion of Biggin Hill Airport and business travellers arriving at the airport.

    I would be grateful for any feedback you may have on these issues.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Michelle

      Thank you for taking the time to raise this with us.

      Please could you e-mail with the best contact details to reach you on to keep you updated with progress on this issue.

      In the meantime, I will have conversations with colleagues about the issues you have raised.

      Thank you again for contact us.

      Best wishes

      Thomas Turrell

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