Concerns Remain Over Bourne Way Flats

Developers of a proposed block of flats off Bourne Way have made some changes to the plans.

The proposals for a five storey block on the site of the current Bromley & Blackheath Harriers’ clubhouse have already caused considerable controversy. The main alterations are to reduce the size by four units (from 36 to 32), with the top storey being ‘stepped back’ somewhat from both the south-eastern (Prickley Wood) and eastern blocks. However, the visual impact of the flats largely remains from Prickley Wood, Bourne Way and even Hurstdene Avenue.

Some more detailed information has also been filed, including the operation of the ‘traffic light’ system controlling movement on the narrow access road, which now also includes a 1.2m pedestrian walkway. There is still a mention of a holding area for vehicles entering from Bourne Way which appears to rely on the cooperation of the landowners of Woodgrange Court.

We do support the plans for the Harriers’ at Norman Park and the community benefits that will bring, and recognise the importance of the Bourne Way development in supporting that vision. We have not met anyone opposed to the principle of residential development at the Bourne Way site, but we do agree with residents that any proposals must still be right for the area and minimise the impact on the surrounding community and we are highly sceptical that the current proposals achieve this. We remain concerned about a number of aspects of the development not least the height, access arrangements and general visual impact on the immediate area.

The plans are expected to go to a committee for a decision not earlier than 20th May. While the ‘official’ deadline for comments on the latest changes is 15th April, the council generally accepts submissions submitted a little later; nevertheless we recommend that any comments be made as soon as possible to ensure they are considered.

The plans can be seen, and comments made on the Council’s planning site here.

3 thoughts on “Concerns Remain Over Bourne Way Flats”

  1. This most recent impression of the impact this development will have on Prickley Wood and the surrounding area absolutely fills me with dread! While I am not opposed, in principle, to a residential development of the area it can not be at any cost. It must be sympathetic and in keeping with the neighbouring properties. Any and all impact to existing properties and their privacy must be considered and kept to an absolutely minimum. Kentway Court, a fairly new development at the junction of Hayes Lane and Mason’s Hill is a prime example of building a number of new flats but keeping the development style like it’s neighbours in height and appearance. This would be the ONLY way forward in my view.

  2. This has got to be the ugliest, most monstrous development since the Lord of the Vale commissioned the Eyrie to be built in Vale get a grip people.

    The North is getting unhappier as the months pass, Winter maybe going but it will come back and remember the long walk from the North will be nicer in the sun. So be wary of granting permission for this development we may yet still invade.

  3. I wholly agree with others about the size of this development on this plot.

    There is also a safety issue – – the access to this site is a narrow single track driveway – about the width of a car parking space. Vehicles will be not be able to pass each other or share it with any pedestrians/non vehicular traffic. The proposal is to have a private traffic system which is extremely flawed and dangerous to say the least.

    Please fight on behalf of your ward residents against this inappropriate and unsafe use. It was never intended – or ever been used – for such obvious frequent vehicle activity …. and exiting to and entering from such a busy/fast road as Bourne Way.

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