New Plans for Former Stevenson Heating Site

A care home operator has come forward with plans to develop the former Stevenson’s Heating site in West Common Road.

Previous proposals in 2018 for retirement housing on the plot had eventually been granted planning permission last Spring for a 28 apartment sheltered housing scheme (reduced to 25 units a few months later). Unfortunately in the wake of the pandemic the plans could not progress.

The new scheme, which is very similar in design to its 2018 predecessor, now envisages a 50 bed care home. Residents can comment on the plans here.

4 thoughts on “New Plans for Former Stevenson Heating Site”

    1. I hope the care home will be for the disabled community rather than the elderly… this is so needed in Bromley. Can you please let me know if this is the case and if not why not. Bromley is desperately lacking care for its disabled residents and it will save you council so much money with out of borough residential placements which are so costly. Thank you

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