Redevelopment of Wickes Coney Hall

Plans are being drawn up for the renovation and redevelopment of the site currently occupied by the Wickes DIY store in Coney Hall.

Some residents will already be aware (and have received letters directly) from the developers about the plans, which are expected to be put into action when Wickes’ current lease expires.

The proposals will see the current Art Deco building preserved and extended with the addition of a northern wing (the right hand side) to mirror the south wing. The current adjoining offices on that south side will be replaced by flats with an additional block of flats replacing the current rear structure. In total 60 flats are to be included, together with new retail and community units on the ground floor of the current main building.

More information has been provided at were your views can be put forward.

The developers have not yet submitted a planning application but are consulting with local residents until 27th October before finalising their plans to submit to Bromley Council. As your local councillors we have pointed out that residents may wish to contribute their views after the relatively short deadline and we are also seeking clarification on when Wickes’ lease will end.

We will of course keep you updated.

2 thoughts on “Redevelopment of Wickes Coney Hall”

  1. My name is Georgios Malekos and my company Malekos Commercial ltd owns the lease for the former public toilets opposite Co Op, in the Wicks Car park.

    I have never been contacted regarding my property which you are planning to demolish

    You further state that the developers will reinstate the former public toilets within the scheme, will this be put in as a condition or is it a lie just to obtain permission. There is also no mention of my business having to relocate from our office

    We have invested a considerable amount of money refurbishing the building and installation of cctv and alarms

    can someone please contact me

    07985 101094

    1. Dear Georgios,

      Thank you for your message. Of course it’s the owners/landlord of the Wickes site, not the council, that have plans for the immediate area and as yet we don’t know when the next stage of the development will occur. You raise an interesting point though and we will take this up with the Council’s property team.


      Cllr. Neil Reddin

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