Action on Hayes Street Congestion

After a number of requests from your councillors and the Hayes Village Association, the Council is set to tackle the long running issue of traffic congestion on Hayes Street.

A scheme that will widen the road, as well as controlling parking, especially at the key bottleneck points, should ensure that traffic including buses will be able to pass more freely through the street without encouraging speeding.

The road will be widened by up to a metre from a point near the war memorial down towards the rectory on the church side, while parking will be restricted on the same side from near George Lane, again down to the rectory. The plans, which the Council will be consulting residents on shortly, will be combined with a scheduled resurfacing in the early Spring.


2 thoughts on “Action on Hayes Street Congestion”

  1. With today’s announcement from Sadiq Khan “I want London to be a city that encourages walking and cycling. That’s why I’m putting record amounts of funding into local neighborhoods and providing boroughs with an additional £11.6m in my budget this year to fund improvements to streets and local areas” could we not seek funding for a bolder approach here, so that it we can re-pave the pavement and road in much the same as was done in Bromley Market Sq area a couple of years ago. There are numerous cycling clubs and running/walking clubs that use the cafes on this street as their base and has been proven in places like Enfield and Bromley town itself, such trans-formative infrastructure changes can benefit everyone.

  2. I agree something needs to be done to ease congestion for buses at commuter peak times. It seems drastic to widen the road as a first time measure. A metre taken off the church side of the road would leave it very narrow for pedestrians. The shop side pavement is much wider, at least double to triple opposite the church up to the Rectory. Many parents with young children walk on the church side to Hayes Primary School. It would also be a cheaper option and less disruptive to have parking restrictions along the stretch of road in question. How about trying simple time restricting yellow lines? Or a Red Route?
    I take the 119 regularly to Bromley South. There is definitely a problem there. But also further along, at Hayes Lane, just after the Norman Park entrance up to the gym entrance, there is a similar bottle neck. That also needs parking restrictions on one side at peak times. It is part of the same problem. Could a cost-effective solution be used on both bottle neck stretches? Experiment with time restricting yellow lines first?
    Manny thanks for your kind attention.

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