Plans in the Pipeline for Stevensons’ Heating Site

Residents near the old Stevensons’ Heating premises will shortly be seeing draft plans for a new sheltered housing scheme for older people on the site. The developers, Renaissance Retirement , will be contacting those living within a few hundred yards of the site to discuss their ideas before submitting a planning application, which they expect to do before Christmas.

Graham and Neil saw the plans yesterday with the developer and during discussions took the opportunity to stress the need for adequate off-site parking (though such schemes tend to generate lower traffic levels than ‘normal’ housing). They also noted that the architects involved appear keen to complement the building styles of the surrounding roads and to preserve as many of the trees along the edge of the site as possible.

Stevensons Gone 20170916_112939

We will watch the progress of the plans with interest and as always will welcome the views of residents.

2 thoughts on “Plans in the Pipeline for Stevensons’ Heating Site”

  1. What is happening to our once beautiful road. Recently we have seen the development of the Hayes Country Club, then Hayes Court, fortunatley these 2 developments have not had much impact on the traffic and feel of the road. This proposal could result in another 60 residents living in the road, some 30 apartments, the proposed design is too large and will change the feel of our road. I am not opposed to the site ultimately being developed, it was on the market to be let but at £100,000 a year this was never going to happen. Can we not have something a little less prominent and in scale with the surroundings . I’m afraid I have no confidence in our planners, you only have to look at the hideous Ski Slope being built near Churchill Court. Can we not have somethin akin to the size of Forge Close and genuine homes required for the elderly, not 30 £500,000 flats that some developer is going to make a killing out of and will only be affordable by the few.

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