Coney Hall Shopping Parade Improvements – Update

CH_Focus1stFlrThe work to improve the shopping area in Coney Hall is progressing. New planters are planned, though one site earmarked for these is currently occupied by a parcel locker, which was erected without planning permission. An appeal against the Council’s refusal of permission will be considered next month.

Unfortunately West Wickham South Residents’ Association’s bid, supported by your local councillors, for a village sign have been refused repeatedly by Transport for London on the grounds that it would ‘clutter’ the highway! Despite appeals up the chain of command at TfL the answer remains ‘no’.

Meanwhile, council officers continue to work with traders on ideas for rearranging the parking spaces, but there are many restrictions – physical, legal and financial – to be overcome and a conclusion is not yet in sight, though all parties remain keen to find further ways to improve the situation for the area.

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