What’s happening at Hayes Place? Update

Hayes Place Flats 20140918_153815 smlAfter complaints from residents about various aspects of the works at the former flats at Hayes Place, we have been in touch with council officers and Affinity Sutton. We can now report back as follows:

Location of site accommodation: the site compound is located on the green in front of the site; Keepmoat (the builders) have permission for this (the alternative would have been to use part of the highway), but on completion the accommodation and hoarding will be removed and the green returned to its original condition at no cost to the council taxpayer.

Works outside permitted hours: some construction activities, including starting up a generator, have been undertaken before and after permitted hours. Affinity Sutton have now have taken this up with Keepmoat and have assurances that this will not happen again. A full time site manager (who has been on leave for the last two weeks) will now be in charge and should be aware of the permitted hours of work.

Noise and smell of generators: Keepmoat advise that the existing generators are temporary and will be soon removed when a fixed builders supply is brought to site. In the meantime Keepmoat have been asked to ensure that the disruption caused by generators is kept to a minimum.

Muddy paths: Inevitably there will be mess from the site, but Keepmoat have been reminded to keep paths clear and clean at all times.

Affinity Sutton agree that there does seem to have been a lack of communication between the builders and residents, however we now expect a newsletter from the developers to come out shortly.

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