Thank You!

H&CH Team 2014At the local elections on 22nd May, Graham Arthur, Peter Fortune and Neil Reddin were elected as your local councillors the next four years. Graham, Peter and Neil would like to thank all those who supported them and have vowed to continue the work of keeping our area and borough a special place to live. Along with Bromley Council itself, Hayes and Coney Hall remains Conservative – the results were:

Graham Arthur 2,965

Neil Reddin 2,509

Peter Fortune 2,475

UKIP candidate 1,349

UKIP candidate 1,259

Green candidate 725

Labour candidate 878

Labour candidate 725

Labour candidate 543

Lib Dem candidate 503

Lib Dem candidate 374

We will be working hard over the next four years to justify the faith the voters have put in us, serving all residents of all political affiliations.

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