Hayes & Coney Hall Police Update 29/5/14

PCSO Michele Jacobs from the Hayes & Coney Hall police team has sent out this week’s update:

I am still working with Trading Standards so apologies for not being about on the beat as much I normally am but it has been interesting working with them and seeing the large scope of work that they deal with. We have managed to find several people that are falling victims to lottery scams and the like and hopefully we are getting through to these people and convincing them that they are all scams.

I just wanted to send you a reminder about locking uPVC doors as we had an attempted break in on 28th May between 11am and 1525pm at the end of Bourne Vale.(Fairacres/Hayesford park end)  Luckily they did not get in but the owner could see tools marks on the door. PLEASE remember to lock your doors by lifting the handle and USING THE KEY. This engages all of the locks.

Please report any suspicious activity to police by calling 101 or emailing me. Our team are on duty 2pm til midnight tonight and 9am -7pm on Friday and Saturday so please do not hesitate to also call our mobile 0208 649 3548.

Remember Hayes Fete on 7th June at Baston School.

Thank You!

H&CH Team 2014At the local elections on 22nd May, Graham Arthur, Peter Fortune and Neil Reddin were elected as your local councillors the next four years. Graham, Peter and Neil would like to thank all those who supported them and have vowed to continue the work of keeping our area and borough a special place to live. Along with Bromley Council itself, Hayes and Coney Hall remains Conservative – the results were:

Graham Arthur 2,965

Neil Reddin 2,509

Peter Fortune 2,475

UKIP candidate 1,349

UKIP candidate 1,259

Green candidate 725

Labour candidate 878

Labour candidate 725

Labour candidate 543

Lib Dem candidate 503

Lib Dem candidate 374

We will be working hard over the next four years to justify the faith the voters have put in us, serving all residents of all political affiliations.

Tiepigs Lane Flooding

The cause of the flooding at Tiepigs Lane has been identified; a river culvert has become blocked on Network Rail’s land which has resulted in water backing up into the road.

After a meeting yesterday with council officers, the Environment Agency and Network Rail are now dealing with this as the two responsible agencies and the EA have plans in place to protect the vulnerable nearby properties in the event of heavy rain.

As your local councillors we will continue to monitor progress on this urgent issue.