Road Resurfacing 2014-15

Road_SurfaceThe works schedule for road and pavement resurfacing was been drawn up. In Hayes and Coney Hall ward, the roadways along Abbotsbury Road, Letchworth Drive and Southbourne will all be resurfaced, with Abbotsbury and Southbourne also having their pavements re-done.

These schedules are set following detailed inspection, not done on set intervals (so there shouldn’t be any resurfacing just for the sake of it). Draft schedules for major resurfacing have also been drawn up for the next few years, and smaller schemes of minor or ‘reactive’ work are also carried out, so if you feel your road is also in need of attention then let us know – it may well already be in the programme.

Hayes & Coney Hall Police Update 27/3/14

PCSO Michele Jacobs from the Hayes & Coney Hall police team has sent out this week’s update:

A pretty good week in the Hayes area I am pleased to say but some news about a burglary in Coney Hall which I think is important to alert you to.


Sorry to start with bad news: A burglary occurred in Gates Green on the 23rd March around 2030 hours. The suspects gained entrance to the premises via the bedroom window and they said that they were police officers. They took cash and jewellery. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR ELDERLY NEIGHBOURS.

It appears we had another two in the Bromley area with the same method used to enter the premises. Can you also remind your friends/relatives to be careful who they are letting into their property. The victim did say that she had a young girl knock her on door a few weeks ago asking if she wanted moss removed.? This could be someone checking out the property, please call 101 if you get anyone knocking on your door or know this has occurred.

Also remember Trading Standards are about to help with cold callers asking to do work, call them on 07903 852090


If you recall seeing anything suspicious please call 101 quoting 3305020/14.


Anti-social Behaviour

Just had report that on Sat 22nd March, 5 eggs were thrown at house in Hillside Lane. Side of the house that runs the along the unmade part of the road. At 19:15. If anyone has information please let me know.

Husseywell Park :- Can people bring any fires or anti social behaviour occuring in this park to the attention of local police – 0208 649 3548 or dial 101. I stopped some on Saturday as they were starting to set up a camp (which I know kids will be kids) but they were causing a lot of destruction and litter. I have since reported this to the council. Also I saw remains of a fire in the centre of the park which occurred Friday night we believe.

Phone awareness

The Metropolitan Police Service is urging the public to register their mobile phones, to use the security pin lock or lock code and to activate or install tracking applications as part of the continued operation to drive down mobile phone crime across the Capital.

Over the past rolling twelve months, the efforts of the MPS in London have seen a 13.4 percent reduction in theft of mobile phones offences from 35,151 down to 30,430 reported offences. While theft from person is down 12.2 percent from 49,304 reported offences down to 43,265 offences and robbery of a mobile phone is down 23.1 percent down from 17,839 reported offences to 13,724 offences.

Commander Stephen Watson, leading Operation Big Wing said: “Work continues day in and day out alongside our partners to target those responsible but highly visible operations such as Operation Big Wing play a major part in the fight against crime.”

Everyday, Police seize stolen property from criminals but frustratingly cannot identify the rightful owner. Police want to encourage everyone to register their property on This is a free service where you can list your belongings detailing their serial numbers, description and/or pictures of such objects. Having your items recorded in this way means that you can supply your serials numbers to Police, should you be unfortunate enough to be a victim of crime.

Additionally, if your property is stolen and later found by Police, officers can promptly identify you as the rightful owner which improves the opportunities of successful convictions against the criminals. Equally police encourage mobile phone owners to use a security pin lock or lock code to prevent the phone being used if stolen and activate or install tracking applications, which uses GPS to locate your phone if stolen. These apps ‘can lead police straight to the criminal!’

Drugs – Good news story

A 51 year old woman has been arrested in connection with the huge cannabis factory that police uncovered in a property in Beckenham High Street last Friday, 21 March.

Sergeant Gareth Starr said: “Having received information that cannabis was being grown at the location my team and I executed a drugs warrant last Friday morning, recovering several hundred mature cannabis plants growing within a very sophisticated hydroponic set up across 2 floors of the property. The scene was secured for 24 hours and all property removed for destruction. We made an arrest later at scene, a female from West Wickham detained in relation to drugs offences. She was interviewed and bailed until the end of May pending further enquiries.

I’m really pleased with this result – this was one of the largest crops I have seen and the seizure was a great result for both the team and the people of Beckenham. This serves as a message to people thinking they can commit these offences – we will find them and take action. Drugs feed crime and this is something we pride ourselves in stopping”.

If you suspect drugs cultivation or dealing in the Hayes or Coney Hall area please contact your local team on 0208 649 3548, dial 101 or email and we shall look into this.

Roundabout Improvements for Layhams and Addington Roads

Roundabout at junction of Layahms and Addington RoadsSome minor changes are proposed for the roundabout at the junction of Addington Road, Layhams Road and Corkscrew Hill.

The roundabout is not wide enough for two vehicles to drive around it side-by-side, yet this does not stop some from trying to overtake on it! There have been a number of accidents and injuries at this spot and so additional ‘hatched’ markings are planned for the approaches from Hayes and Corkscrew Hill to bring traffic into single file, as well as some improvements to the pedestrian crossing points and cycle access routes.

There should be no adverse effect on traffic congestion.

Hayes & Coney Hall Police Update 21/3/14

PCSO Michele Jacobs from the Hayes & Coney Hall police team has sent out this week’s update:

Burglary at MUNRO LOCK, Station Approach again…..I am sad to say:

During the night of Sunday 16th, around 0038 hours, bricks were thrown through window and computers were attempted to be stolen but they did not succeed. A local resident saw the males drive off in a blue vehicle but was unable to get the registration number. CID are looking into this but if you recall any information that will be of further use please call 101 and quote CR 3304571/14. Many thanks


Please look out for a racing bike that was stolen at the weekend near St Johns Church, Coney Hall.


RED/WHITE in colour

WHITE saddle

One of the handlebar stops has been replaced and they are odd.

Good news:

Earlier on this month, there were two attempted burglaries and a burglary in Pickhurst Park (just off Barnhill Avenue).

I am pleased to say that due to work by CID and evidence gained through CCTV on one of the properties, it appears that they have caught the culprit and work is underway with the burglary squad to deal.


Two men have been arrested for Handling Stolen Goods as part of an investigation into stolen mobile phones.

On 4 March, a number of mobile phones were stolen from the belongings of schoolboys left in the changing rooms at St Olave’s School while a Rugby 7’s tournament was going taking place.

One of the victims managed to track his stolen phone to Rye Lane in Peckham, SE15 and another victim later went to that road and saw both his phone and those he recognised of other victims in the display cabinet of a shop.

At 16:20hrs on 13 March, officers from Bromley Police’s Youth Policing Team and the Mottingham Safer Neighbourhood Team executed a search warrant at a commercial premises in Rye Lane, Peckham.

A large quantity of mobile phones shown as blocked or stolen were recovered, including a number stolen from the school. Other phones recovered have now been linked to burglaries and robberies across London.

The investigation is ongoing. Two men, aged 40 and 18 remain in custody on suspicion of handling stolen goods.