Conservative Bromley To Freeze Council Tax

Frozen pound signCouncil Tax is set to be at least frozen next year after successful lobbying by Bromley’s Conservative Councillors.

Following successful campaigning by Conservative Councillors, Bromley Council will be freezing Council Tax for the year 2014/15 after a change of heart by Government which will see the Council Tax Freeze Grant imbedded in baseline funding and not a one off ‘bribe’ as had been offered in the last two years years.

This news is seen as a direct result of the determined lobbying by a number of Local Authorities up and down the Country but very much led from right here in Bromley.

Cllr. Eric Bosshard, Chairman of Bromley’s Executive and Resources PDS Committee said, “this has to be seen as a considerable achievement for the Borough and we are enormously proud that Bromley is leading the way”.

Robust lobbying by leading Bromley Conservatives has also led to more welcome news, which sees an earlier announced further 10%reduction in grant funding being withdrawn.

On hearing this change of heart by the Treasury, Cllr. Stephen Carr, Leader of Bromley Council said, “we know the problems facing many of our residents in light of the very difficult economic circumstances, so were determined to do all we could to support them and argue our case with the Government and whilst there are very significant challenges ahead we seem, at least for now, to have won the argument”.

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