Thames Water to Start Digging – Just Weeks After Road Resurfacing!

Thames Water have notified Bromley Council that they will be carrying out roadworks on Layhams Road and Hartfield Crescent – just a matter of weeks after the latter road was resurfaced by the Council.

It seems that, although the Council circulated all the utility companies well in advance with their schedule of resurfacing works, Thames Water somehow overlooked the information. Normally, once a road is resurfaced, restrictions are placed on what roadworks can then be carried out up to three years afterwards.

The works that are proposed will reduce the risk of leakage, which should mean fewer roadworks in future, and so the Council won’t stop the job from being done, but instead have agreed with TW that they will reinstate a greater than normal area to preserve the quality of the road surface after their work is complete.

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