Street Lighting Upgrades for Coney Hall

The council has been, for some time, busy upgrading its street lighting to newer, more efficient LED equipment to save electricity and lower the maintenance costs of the borough’s lamp posts.

Next week (w/c 17th June) work will begin in Queensway, Monarch Close, Lime Tree Walk, Cherry Tree Walk and Princes Way.

Domestic electricity supplies will not be affected.

The upgrade programme across the borough will save an estimated £650,000 per year.

One thought on “Street Lighting Upgrades for Coney Hall”

  1. All

    So most of the lighting columns in Hawes Lane have been replaced we are left with a mixture of white & orange light. Are the older Orange lights to be upgraded as well? I also thought the Orange lights provided better lighting when there is fog. how do the LED’s fair in fog?

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