Early Doors Refused in Coney Hall

A planning application at 41 Croydon Road to open from 7am was refused this week. The cafe/restaurant gained permission last year for an 8am start (midday on Sundays) and was bidding, for a second time, to open earlier. The application was turned down on the grounds that it was “detrimental to the amenities of nearby residents by reason of increased noise and disturbance during the early hours of the morning”.

Road and Pavement Works for 2013-14

The works programme for planned maintenance of roads and pavements has been finalised for the coming financial year as follows:

Road resurfacing is scheduled for:

  • Baston Road from Five Elms Road to Fox Hill
  • Hartfield Road (complete length)
  • Hartfield Crescent (from no. 9 up to Croydon Road)

Work on pavements is planned for:

  • East Way
  • Southbourne
  • Abbotsbury Road

Other roads feature in the programme for later years; so if your road doesn’t feature here, but is looking in need of attention, please let us know – it may be ‘in the pipeline’ already or could just benefit from some less drastic repairs.