Croydon Road / Hartfield Crescent Accident Blackspot

The A232 near Hartfield Crescent

The stretch of the A232 across Hayes and West Wickham Commons has been the focus of road safety concerns for many years. Following an accident last Spring near Hartfield Crescent, your ward councillors, together with the Wickham Common Residents’  Association, are looking again at what measures can be taken here.

With so many interested parties – including Transport for London and the Corporation of London – an answer that satisfies all will not be easy. However we hope to bring together the various bodies responsible in order to find a solution, which may involve new signage, revised speed limits or road surface changes.

(Unfortunately modern highway design regulations prevent a crossing being installed directly adjacent to the top of Hartfield Crescent, so other measures must be considered.)

2 thoughts on “Croydon Road / Hartfield Crescent Accident Blackspot”

  1. The fact that nothing has been done for so many years is an absolute disgrace. Each day schoolchildren put their lives at risk while our representatives talk about processes, design and difficulties with regulations and seperate authorities. When a child dies or is seriously injured, which will inevitably happen, it is you who will be held to account for your inaction.

    1. I can assure there has been no inaction on our part. Unfortunately it is a fact that there are at least three authorities involved in this issue – we woudl rather it was solely a council matter, for I suspect something woudl have been done some years ago.

      While I appreciate you probably don’t want to hear about the process issues – and just want the matter dealt with – we feel it is our duty to keep residents informed of our efforts and any progress we are making. The fact is that if we do manage to get something done – and we remain hopeful that we can – it will be by negotiating our way through and around these processes and bring the various parties together. I’m sorry if this sounds like us merely ‘talking about processes, design and difficulties with regulations’.

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