Croydon Road / Hartfield Crescent Accident Blackspot

The A232 near Hartfield Crescent

The stretch of the A232 across Hayes and West Wickham Commons has been the focus of road safety concerns for many years. Following an accident last Spring near Hartfield Crescent, your ward councillors, together with the Wickham Common Residents’  Association, are looking again at what measures can be taken here.

With so many interested parties – including Transport for London and the Corporation of London – an answer that satisfies all will not be easy. However we hope to bring together the various bodies responsible in order to find a solution, which may involve new signage, revised speed limits or road surface changes.

(Unfortunately modern highway design regulations prevent a crossing being installed directly adjacent to the top of Hartfield Crescent, so other measures must be considered.)

Update 14.9.12: Hayes Street Tree, Footpath Upgrades and Cycle Routes Boost

After many months of negotiation with Transport for London (TfL), the sad decision has been taken to fell a tree near the northern end of Hayes Street, just before the telephone exchange, because bus operators felt it was a hazard to the larger modern double decker buses that now ply the routes through the village. The action has been reluctantly taken in response to an ultimatum from the bus companies that services would be withdrawn from the village unless the tree was removed. Alternatives, including a kerb build-out, were considered but would have led to a dangerous traffic ‘pinch-point’. We have insisted that the tree is replaced with a mature sapling at TfL’s cost.

On a more positive note, new funding from TfL is being allocated to Bromley to enable a number of schemes including improvements to footpaths in Well Wood – mainly to enable better access for less mobile residents. Also proposed are improvements to cycle routes in and around Norman Park, as well as installation of anti-skid surfaces and de-cluttering of the street scene across the ward and borough. Outside the ward but of interest to Hayes and Coney Hall residents will be plans to improve congestion at the notorious junction of Heathfield and Westerham Roads in Keston.