Travellers Return Yet Again

The private road to St John’s Church and Wickham Court Prep. School, off Layhams Road in Coney Hall, has a number of times recently been the site of a temporary traveller encampment. Fortunately, they have been moved on quicker than on some previous occasions.

A height restriction at the entrance to the road, which should deter future tresspassing, has already received approval from the council, but the final installation was held up by legal procedures, which are now being resolved in the light of the latest problems. We will be keeping close watch on the issue to see that actino is taken as soon as possible, but as the land is privately owned the council has no power to intervene.

Hayes Place Redevelopment Plans Rejected

Affinity Sutton, the successors to Broomleigh Housing Association, recently submitted their long awaited planning application to redevelop the site of the former sheltered housing in Chilham Way, overlooking the greens of Bourne Vale.

Although some public consultation was carried out before the application was made, the plans met with considerable opposition, particularly with regard to the density of the development, inadequate green space at the front of the units, traffic issues and impact on the green, among other objections.

The inclusion of housing designed for the elderly was welcomed, however, as were changes to increase the amount of off-street parking on the development.

The application went before a plans committee in late November where your local councillors and a representative of the Hayes Village Association spoke. The application was refused.

It now remains to be seen whether Affinity Sutton will resubmit amended plans, go straight to appeal on the rejected plans, or both.