Action on Gas Works Disruption

Recent works to the gas mains in Baston Road and Hayes Street have caused increasing concern as the former have overrun by some months, reaching a peak when works outside the shops in Hayes Street began at the start of the busy Christmas shopping period.

The Council has limited powers over such works by “statutory undertakers”. However, following approaches from your local councillors and council officers (and no doubt with minds concentrated by the fines that were by then being imposed by the Council) Southern Gas Networks (SGN) moved to complete the works at both sites before Christmas.

SGN are due to return to complete some aspects of the works in the New Year in Hayes Street, West Common Road and at the junction with Pickhurst Lane. We will once again be keeping close watch on the works.

Hayes Place Flats Update

Your Ward Councillors attended a meeting recently with Affinity Sutton [formerly Broomleigh] and received some details that will interest and, it is hoped, reassure residents.

A large proportion of the elderly residents had moved out of the flats into various other properties at the time of the meeting in late November. A number of those remaining are also likely to have moved out by the time you read this article. Some residents, however, have decided to stay put, so the Estate will not become empty for a while yet. In the meantime, the Estate will remain staffed, maintenance of the site, including the grounds, will continue, and lighting in the blocks will remain.

As for any redevelopment of the site, this cannot happen until planning permission is granted. No application has been submitted but it is likely that Affinity Sutton will meet Council Planning Officers in the near future for pre-application discussions. Once a formal scheme is prepared, Affinity Sutton will call a public meeting to enable anyone to raise particular concerns. The meeting is likely to be held in the Village Hall, probably some time in the Spring.