Backland Developments Refused (For Now)

Two controversial ‘garden-grabbing’ developments in the ward have been refused by Bromley planners.

The application to build houses on gardens and scouts land behind Pickhurst Lane and Mounthurst Road was refused last week, but the developer has now lodged an appeal.

The proposals at 2-6 Chestnut Avenue in Coney Hall were turned down yesterday. The developer has six months to appeal.

The government recently changed the planning rules (known as PPS3) to remove the classification of back gardens as developed land, making it harder for such areas to be built on.  However, such proposals can still succeed in certain circumstances, and some appeals against such refusals elsewhere have been successful.

One thought on “Backland Developments Refused (For Now)”

  1. Far from being ‘garden grabbing’ as you so eloquently put it, these gardens in Pickhurst Lane should have had houses built at the bottom of them when they were originally built. The only reason they didn’t was because the access road was built across by another builder before they could be erected. These gardens are 300feet long they are not enjoyable to look after and are simply a haven for foxes and other vermin due to the fact that many who live in the houses are simply not able to cope now due to their age. I sincerely hope that this is allowed to go ahead eventually as it will provide a use for what is otherwise useless land. You might also like to change the comment regarding the PPS3 as this simply a guideline and not a hard and fast rule.

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