41 Croydon Road: The Saga Continues

In a positive development, the Council has allowed the application for 41 Croydon Road in Coney Hall, but for restaurant and cafe use only, thus excluding any usage as purely as a drinking establishment.

However the licensing hearing had to be deferred (for a second time) after the applicant failed to appear.

Update (9/2/10): The applicant has withdrawn the application and apparently has opened a premises in Dulwich.

Action on Floodlighting

Residents in West Common Road were caught by surprise when Hayes School switched it’s new floodlights on for the first time last week, and their houses being lit up (but not by any fireworks).

The floodlighting on the “school side” of the courts are causing the problems and it is hoped that, following Cllr. Anne Manning’s intervention, adjustments being made tomorrow (Tuesday 10th) will solve, or largely eliminate, the problems.

Hayes School Development Passed

At last Tuesday’s Development Control committee, the Council approved the plans for the new sports block and classroom block at Hayes School.

Following our previous representations to the committee, the school made a good number of changes to the plans, including a slight reduction in height, more evergreen planting on the boundary and removal of the wind turbine. The committee agreed with us (and the Hayes Village Association) that enough had been done to make the plans acceptable and supported the school.

However, the master-plan – which sets out the school’s longer term development plans – was deferred again pending more information regarding the traffic and parking situation.